Friday, June 4

I was featured in mypaper today! Totally surprise about that. If you read my previous entry, I actually joined a contest and was interviewed via phone about our friendship. Never I expect that it will be published on papers!! Besides featuring our close friendship, they encouraged people out there with different culture/race to join the contest as well! Hesitate no more to join and show others true friendship can go beyond race, culture and religion.

Thanks peeps who told me that they saw the article and friends who advertise that I'm on paper! Thanks stomp and for featuring us! (:

Read the zoom in article here: - The one on 04 June 2010. (:

Join now and stand to win fantastic prizes! (:


Anyways, had an enjoyable time playing badminton with Jun wei after work. It has been some time while I played. Nice game! Enjoyed! (: