Saturday, June 19

Went for interview just now. Nothing special because its a quite normal one where similar questions will be posed. Anyway, I just answer what I feel and think about it. Just have to wait for the results to see if I'm shortlisted.

Then, went to cineleisure to collect my winning movie vouchers. After which, went *scape! Today was their opening. Nothing spectacular but its really a good place for youth to hang out! Went to the teens booth and said the password: rocks! And I got the below soft toy for free! The teens people there were very friendly and approachable! I participated in their lucky draw, hope to win an item! Bought a teens magazine and was given freebies! Thanks teens! (:

To church service!! I certainly learned alot from the sermon. To be a giver and to love everyone despite of their weaknesses. Look upon their strengths and not weaknesses. With trust and faith in God, everything is made possible! Thus, be humble and trust that God is able to give us the strength and confidence in every situation or problem we faced. Praise God! (: