Saturday, June 5

I'm forever yours

I give my all to you
Send me and i will go for you
To the ends of the earth
I'll follow after you
I want the world to know
Your love endures forever

Tell me and i'll obey
This is far greater than sacrifice
Trusting you and not myself
Will always lead to blessing
Lord have your way in me
Not my will, yours be done

Here i stand within your presence
Longing for your touch
A thousand days cannot compare
To one day in your courts

Hold me now
And never ever let me go
My jesus, my precious saviour
I'm forever yours

I will worship you forever
I will worship you

At times, its really not easy to be a christian and I believe most of us get distracted too. To a certain extent, we get disappointed and hurt in one way or another. Instead of looking on the world, we should look upon God. The one who loves us so much that sent his only son to save our sins. Always have to remind myself about that. I believe it will keep me driving on.

If you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.
-1Peter 4:16