Monday, June 28

Went for my IBM interview in the morning. The interviewer was a nice lady. The questions posed were rather common which relates to my job scope as well. Think I did my best for the interview already. Have to wait for the results now. Then went back home.

After which, went hospital to visit my grandma. It's disheartened to see my grandma on the sick bed. Our family has been taking care of her. To the extent, we also shifted to my grandma place, looking after her despite of having a maid. I ponder if my relatives will understand what we went through. I know my family background was not as great but does that mean we hold a greater responsibility? Sometimes, I just feel that its so unfair. However, I think my mum made a right choice. Its one person responsibility to take care of our parents till a day where one cannot manage. I think the day has arrived. Most likely, I'll be shifting back to SK. I pray that my grandma will have speedy recovery. She's very dear to me.

Back home, checked my results and got a shock of me! I did not expect my photography techniques score such a grade. :( The effort I put forth did not really pay off. The other modules grade I did quite alright. Most importantly, I passed all my modules! That's something that I ought to be happy! Praise God! There's many more assignments/exams/projects to come. I pray that I can cope well and achieve good grades! Thanks God for everything! (: