Monday, June 14

Wooohoo!! As usual, won tickets!! This time was to the gala premiere of toy story 3!! Never did i expect to be in the biggest hall in the cathay!! It was rather grand you know. Though we were at the 2nd row but it feel and seems quite okay while watching. Each of us was given popcorn and a bottle of coka cola. And to my surprise, its in 3D!! This time round, I invited Bernard!! Nice catch up with him about random stuff! (:

The storyline is great! Its straight to the point and most importantly it was not draggy! I like the introduction 3D which was entertaining and funny! Through the show, I realise the importance of treasuring my stuff. Team work was one of the factor to success as well. At the same time, I understand that one should learn to move on with life and not leave behind the past. Usually, the bad guys will get their retribution one way or another. So why not be a nice and friendly person? Do good and be good!

Its just like God who forgive our sins! He want us to be more like him to love one another unconditionally without fail.