Wednesday, November 2

[Media Tasting] WANGZ Hotel offers European small plates with Asian influences

Nestled on the rooftop of WANGZ Hotel, Upper Place offers a chic yet relaxing ambience perfect for corporate lunches, after-work drinks, intimate dinner for two or a small group celebration. The panoramic backdrop of Tiong Bahru skyline provides a stunning view. Diners can savour a selection of modern European specialities served up by a team of talented chefs.

 Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare Tart ($14)

This dish is bound to delight with its combination of truffle onions and guacamole. Caviar also adds to its exquisiteness. The plating is one to behold, as it resembles a garden.

Slow Cooked Pork Belly Tacos ($10)

This is a Thai-inspired mainstay that features pulled pork as well as purple lettuce sprinkled with coriander. It is served with lime, which enlivens with its tangy note. 

Miso Norwegian Salmon ($17)

This trout-based offering is also a must-try. Served on a bed of shredded nori, the fish is cooked sous vide style, and then glazed with miso. Radish is a  star  in  this  Japanese-inspired  offering. There  are daikon chips and daikon soup,  which boasts a dash of curry oil to elevate the entire taste experience.

Short Ribs Congee, Veal Sweetbreads ($17)

The short ribs are  cocooned within a nest of fried vermicelli. Dip the sweetbreads into  the rich and velvety congee to soak up its robust flavour. Poached egg and condiments are served alongside as well. 

Reconstructed Laksa Risotto ($27)
The dish showcases an enticing medley of scallop, lobster and shrimp. Coconut foam and sambal enliven with their respective sweet and spicy flavours. The velvety texture and smooth consistency of the risotto will certainly appeal to Singaporeans.  

Matcha Parfait ($8)

Cap off the gourmet experience with this delightful dessert. The different layers of stewed red beans, matcha cream, black sesame coulis and Vietnamese paper tuile come together to create an interesting interplay of textures of flavours.  

Other than the good food, Upper Place offers a mesmerising rooftop view. It overlooks the cityscape of Outram Park and is a great place to bond with friends and loved ones.

231 Outram Road
Singapore 169040