Sunday, November 6

[Media Invitation] Japanese Michelin-starred ramen eatery poised for international launch

In January 2012, owner Yuki Onishi opened Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta in Sugamo, Tokyo. The name of the shop originated from the notion 'Ramen is a noodle dish that Japan is proud of'. Having received numerous Ramen rewards since 2012, Tsuta was the first in the world to be conferred a one-star Michelin ramen shop. The truffle oil Shoyu Soba being its specialty.

Tsuta, the world's only michelin starred ramen eatery, launch its 1st ever overseas branch in Singapore! Tsuta was awarded the prestigious accolade in 2015, and remains the only Japanese ramen eatery in the ranks of renowned Michelin-starred restaurants. Singaporeans will be able to savour the award-winning taste of Tsuta right here at home.

The same delicious offerings that have delighted the palates of gourmands and critics in Japan will be on the menu at Singapore’s 18-seater, 1000-sq-ft outlet.  

Chef Onishi insists on handmade noodles on-site at Tsuta, in keeping with his philosophy of preparing ingredients by hand to ensure the safety and quality of the final products. Chef Onishi has also specially selected a blend of several types of whole wheat and whole grains flours to achieve a perfect texture in the noodles, which marry well with that of the ramen soup base. 

Patrons get to choose from 2 types of soup bases: Shoyu soba; Shio soba, as well as Miso Soba which would be introduced at a later phase. 

Shio Soba

It comprises a chicken-seafood blend that is bound to delight. 
The shio broth is created by adding a careful balance of Okinawa sea salt and Mongolian rock salt. 

Shoyu Soba

It features the piquant black truffle sauce and is a bowl of in dulgence. 

The soy base is created from a special blend of shoyu that includes Chef Onishi’s shoyu which is formulated in-house, as well as 2  custom-brewed shoyu made in Wakayama Prefecture to Chef Onishi’s specifications from whole soybeans that have been matured for two years. This unique blend of shoyu perfectly complements Chef Onishi’s dashi (soup stock) recipe, made with whole chickens, vegetables, clams, and other seafood ingredients. 

The dashi is simmered under carefully controlled temperatures to bring out the umami flavours of the ingredients. This unique dashi-shoyu forms the base of Tsuta’s ramen broth, imparting natural and umami flavours.
Tsuta’s current menu (Prices are inclusive of GST and no additional service charge) offerings include the following: 

Tsuta Singapore is committed to bringing the same exquisite taste and careful presentation to diners in Singapore. 

9 Scotts Road
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210