Friday, November 25

[Media Invite] Indulge In Putien First Harvest Seaweed Delicacies

PUTIEN brings to you the First Harvest Seaweed seasonal menu! This exquisite delicacy sourced directly from Wheat Island, one of Fuqing City’s most remote old fishing village is also known as ‘Nugget of Seaweed’due  to  its limited quantity and excellent nutritional value. First Harvest Seaweed’s harvesting period lasts only for seven days, around the middle of lunar September, unlike  that of ordinary seaweed which can be harvested as many as 12 times throughout the year.

Seaweed with Dried Shrimp

A perfect appetiser, the Seaweed with Dried Shrimp is Fresh First Harvest Seaweed tossed into a cold salad with PUTIEN’s  signature red-tail baby shrimps. The smooth-textured seaweed paired with fresh juicy baby shrimps and a splash of vinegar makes this a cold dish not to be missed!

Seaweed Omelette

First Harvest Seaweed and eggs are pan-fried with strong fire to lock down
the sweetness and fragrance of the ingredients, a simple but skilful dish that hits the spot. 

Stewed Seaweed

First Harvest Seaweed is thoroughly stewed with best quality taro for 30 minutes
in slow-boiled chicken broth to bring out the best of this dish.

Meizhou Claypot Rice with Seaweed

Slowly braised in seaweed and oyster soup, allowing every grain of pearl
rice to absorb the best essence and deliver the most natural taste of the sea.

Shredded Meat with Bun

The tender shredded pork with sweet onions is wrapped with handmade golden sesame bun.

Available at all PUTIEN outlets!