Sunday, November 13

2 days 1 night JB trip

JB trip with pals 2 weekends ago! We decided on our 1 night stay at Swiss-Inn Hotel. Other than the inconvenience to the hotel & lack of toiletries, I have nothing negative for my stay there.

 Matcha (Green Tea) Bingsu

Injomi bingsu

We had out bingsu fix at 설원 - Seol Won! This dessert store was opened by my friend - Jasmine & her boyfriend. It tasted pretty good & it was nicely prepared with fine ice. Do comeby and give it a try!

Then, it was laser battle time! My first time playing & I certainly enjoyed it pretty much! Sometimes, it is never about the winning or ranking but the company! I do not mind playing it any time soon! 

Had our dinner at Selera Senibong seafood! The food tasted normal but it was affordable. Particularly, I enjoyed the black pepper crab.

After which, we watched Dr strange. Back to the hotel, we had some rounds of boardgames before our sleep!

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The next day, we went to Restoran Ya Wang for breakfast! The roasted duck & char siew tasted good!

After which, we walked around the area and decided to to chill at Maco Vintage. The cafe had a pretty ambiance served good coffee & desserts! 

Had the chance to try chaiwalla and co milk tea as well!

Had shoulder & foot massage at King Spa & Massage. After the session, they would served you a cuppa of tea. Overall, the massage was decent though it could have been better.

Dinner was at Paik' Pan! We ordered the spicy dakgalbi pan (Chicken) with Cheese! Thank God that it was not too spicy was pretty appetising. It was a nice balance of the cheese and spicy sauce that complement well with the chunks of chicken! 

Tata~ Till then!