Monday, January 30

[Singapore Movie Review] TAKE 2 《遇见贵人》

TAKE 2 《遇见贵人》 is a comedy that depicts the lives of 4 misfits determined to turn over a new leaf. The 4 of them start a F&B business together but soon find that it is not as easy as it seems as they encounter some surprises and challenges along the way.

Watched TAKE 2 《遇见贵人》 with parents at Shaw Theatres Century. 

Personally, I thought that the story was refreshing with a focused story-line but somewhat, predictable. Initially, this film appear rather promising with the introduction of 4 misfits. It felt like I'm watching a Hong Kong film.

A pity that the plot itself was weak without a rich content. The story flow presented could have been improved as well. The many humourous scenes certainly liven me up as a viewer. However, some of such elements appear 'trying too hard' for me.  

It educated viewers to let go of the grudges, learn to accept and forgive your loved ones who does their best to turn over a new leaf. It also reminded me the importance of kinship and cherish them dearly

Not a typical Jack Neo's film but one that bring joy to the young and old this Chinese new year.

Ratings: 3 / 5