Sunday, January 15

[Media Invite] IPPUDO’s first quick-service ramen bar concept in Singapore – Kuro-Obi

IPPUDO launch its 1st Kuro-Obi outlet in Asia at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! Kuro-Obi was first unveiled in New York, and very quickly it took the city by storm. Since its launch, it has received overwhelming response from New Yorkers. The inception of the Singapore outlet marks Kuro-Obi’s first overseas foray outside of New York. 

Kuro-Obi Singapore is IPPUDO’s only concept around the world to offer 100% chicken broth - Tori-paitan, a delicate and silky chicken soup base. The ramen is served with slow-cooked chicken chashu in lieu of the traditional pork chashu to accommodate the cultural diversity of Singapore. Priced affordably, each bowl of ramen features 140 grams of noodles, which weigh 40 grams more than IPPUDO’s. The thicker noodles complement and soak up the chicken broth perfectly. 

Kuro-Obi allows its customers to customise their own ramen dishes. They can choose to tailor the texture of the noodles, soup concentration, stock richness and condiment add-ons such as garlic and onion.

Pork Bun

 Crispy Corn 

Guests can accompany the dishes with IPPUDO’s much-beloved sides with their favourite ramen. An international best seller, the Pork Bun (S$5) comes in spicy and non-spicy flavours, and stars a slab of melt-in-your-mouth chashu drenched in homemade sweet sauce. Also, the deep fried corn kernels, sprinkled with smoked paparoka powder.

Samurai Ribs

 Almond Jelly Noodle

A brand-new dish, the Samurai Rib (S$7/1pc, S$13/2pcs) features pork ribs rubbed with the chef’s special medley of sauce and spices. Cap off the gourmet experience with Almond Jelly Noodle (S$6), another new innovative dessert offered at the new store with jelly noodles served in a milky soup.

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