Sunday, January 22

[Media Invitation] Tomo Izakaya Launches Three New Ramen Dishes

In Japanese, Tomo (toh-moh) means ‘friend’ and izakaya comes from a combination of I (ee) and sakaya (sah-kai-ya] which means ‘to stay in a sake shop’. The origins of izakaya are the traditional taverns or pubs in old buildings frequented by Japanese salarymen who would, after a long hard day at work, unwind together with colleagues over large amounts of sake served together with light meals for them before returning home very late for dinner. Tomo Izakaya offers an extensive menu of Japanese small-plate dining which includes robatayaki, yakitori, sushi, ramen, soba, chazuke and karaage meant to be shared around. 

Tomo Izakaya has launched three ramen dishes: Tokyo Ramen; Kai Ramen; and Shake-tantan Men. Both are the brainchildren of Chef Hirotaka Murata, an expert in kaiseiki sets. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, the chef is adept at coming with Japanese mainstays that are steeped in tradition and authenticity.

Tokyo Ramen ($9)

This ramen evokes nostalgic feelings, and whisks you away to an old-world Japan. The broth is made with a medley of ingredients such as pork bone marrow, chicken bones, niboshi (Japanese dried infant sardines), bonito flakes, vegetables, Japanese dried scallop and prawns. The premium ingredients give the soup a robust and piquant flavour. Swimming in it are classic egg noodles, which are then topped with char siu made with the superior-quality Nagano pork loin. 

Kai Ramen ($14)

Equally enticing is Kai Ramen. The soup base is made using 2 types of clam: asari and hamaguri. Other ingredients used to enhance the taste of the soup include chicken bones, Japanese snapper bones and vegetables. The soup is paired with specially customised jade-green noodles. The 1st time green ramen noodles are offered in a Japanese restaurant in Singapore.

 Shake-tantan men ($12)

Finally, the Shake-tantan men is bound to delight. Salmon bone and head as well as a specially blended miso with salmon minced meat are used to make the white-coloured broth. Over a tightly controlled fire, the broth is cooked for 5 hours. The soup is then enlivened with a sesame flavour as well as spicy note of the chilli oil. Accompanying the soup are al dente ribbons of tantan mian.

These 3 new ramen dishes are available during lunch time.

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