Saturday, January 14

[Singapore Drama Review] I want to be a Star 小咖大作战

Part-time actor who first started out as a calefare, Zhong Da Tian (Chew Chor Meng) noticed the indispensability of calefares in the media industry, which then spurred him to establish the “Da Tian Calefare Agency”, where he engages talents to take up walk-on roles in various drama productions.Da Tian’s son, Zhong Di Long (played by Shane Pow) spends most of his time idling. After being forced into an acting gig, Di Long learns that being an extra is no easy feat as it seems. Thereon, Di Long embarks on his acting career and encounters other extras - each with a different personality and goal. Will these calefares overcome all setbacks along the rocky road to success? 

Finished watching I want to be a Star 小咖大作战. Personally, I felt that this drama was nicely crafted with a focused story-line. It somewhat urge aspiring people to be courageous and strive in pursuing their dreams!

It reminded me those days being a calefare, where I had to keep myself occupy because of the long waiting time. The earnings maybe small but the very least I got to experience it myself. It encouraged viewers to persevere on but not give up even if circumstances may not seems that positive. If you are willing to work hard, you will certainly succeed one day. The cast did well in their craft!

A light-hearted series for the old and young.

You may wish to watch the entire series here

Ratings: 3.5 / 5