Monday, January 2

[Media Delivery] Kay’s Instant Macaroni

Kay's instant macaroni (halal certified) are available in 5 flavours - Chicken, Curry, Tom Yum, Vegetable and Anchovy. They are produced with top grade 100% durum wheat semolina with no preservatives at all. Unlike the usual instant noodle, the macaroni are non wax or fried.

It take only 3 minutes to cook this chicken flavour macaroni (seasoning included). For a normal pasta, it usually takes around 8 - 12 mins. I added shredded chicken to complete my meal. The broth was light yet not too flavourful, with no bitter after taste. I cannot wait to try the other flavours as well because I think it taste just as good!

Kay's Instant Macaroni comes in a pack of 3s and cost $3.20 in a bag. You can purchase them from Sheng Siong Supermarket, selected NTUC Fairprice stores, UMart, Prime Supermarket, Mini Marts and Ang Mo Supermarket.