Friday, January 13

[Media Invitation] Steam Box Launches Its First-Ever Chinese New Year Menu

Steambox has introduced eight new dishes, just in time for the Chinese New Year! The menu comprises 2 new porridges and 6 new dishes, and will be available from 18 January 2017. 

Traditional steamboats tend to leave an unctuous layer of fat and scum after protracted cooking - there is none of that at SteamBox. All the ingredients are brought to the table raw, then freshly steamed - not boiled - before your eyes using the innovative culinary technique of high-speed steaming.  

 Eight Treasures Porridge

Double Happiness Chicken Porridge

The new mainstays include Eight Treasures Porridge (S$16), which features a medley of pumpkin, sweet potato, red dates, water chestnut, shitake mushroom, corn, broccoli and carrot; while the Double Happiness Chicken Porridge (S$16) is a nourishing dish, filled with succulent chicken chunks and fresh  mushroom. Together  with  the essence and  juices collected from the fresh ingredients steamed above the plate, these new porridge(s) are perfect to cap off the hearty meal.

Equally enticing are the juicy and plump Phoenix Prawn (S$12.80) and Scallop with Cheese and Bacon (S$19.80), which will tantalise the taste buds of seafood lovers. The Sliced Smoked Duck (S$6.80) are flavourful and tender, and are bound to delight. Then, temper the meat indulgence with Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (S$6.80), which features minced pork, diced prawn, mushroom and water chestnut wrapped with soft and sweet cabbage. Filled with crab stick and bean vermicelli, the Vietnamese Crab Meat Rolls (S$6.80) promise an authentic taste. Finally, the Bacon-wrapped with Baby Potatoes (S$9.80) will certainly satisfy carbs lovers.

Steam Box’s operating hours will remain the same during Chinese New Year period, making it an ideal address for families to celebrate the occasion.

Steam Box
68 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555964