Wednesday, April 19

[Sony Pictures] Fabricated City Screening

Hardcore gamer Kwon Yu (JI Chang-wook) wastes his life away playing video games at internet cafes. But after he returns a lost phone, he is arrested and given life imprisonment for sexually assaulting and murdering a minor. With the help of his online teammates, he has a chance to clear his name. As they dig into his case, they uncover a massive plot and a shadowy organization that puts innocent people to prison on behalf of powerful men in the country.

I was invited as one of the bloggers to catch Fabricated City! I brought Huan along.

Personally, I felt that the story was rather fast-paced and refreshing, though predictable. Initially, it may appear quite confusing with such brief introductory. Gradually, it got better with its progression in the subsequent scenes.

There are many good intense and action scenes, which kept me at the edge of my seat. Not to forget, some of those emotional scenes that was beautifully presented. At the same time, it show us the importance of teamwork and educated viewers never to be complacent.

A pity that this film resemble so closely to the Korean drama - Defendant, as such, it seems that I'm re-watching it with a different twist. Else, it would definitely score a higher ratings from me.

Fabricated City opens in Singapore theatres 20 April 2017, which is tomorrow!

Ratings: 3.5 / 5