Saturday, April 1

[Media Invite] New tsukemen specialist, Joshoken at Ramen Champion Bugis+

Gourmands, rub your hands with glee as Joshoken, Singapore’s newest tsukemen restaurant, has arrived! Joshoken is a brand under Tashiro Koji's Saikyo Gundan, which emerged the top winner in October 2016 during the Super Tsukemen Exhibition in Shinjuku.

Joshoken is inspired by the cuisines of Ibaraki, which are characterised by a marriage of gyokai and meat-based broth flavours. The restaurant of fers a variety of tsukemen, chuka soba, shio soba, rice bowls, as well as side dishes such as karaage and gyoza. In particular, tsukemen is served with noodles separated from the piping hot soup. Doing it this way allows the noodles to maintain its al dente and firm texture throughout the meal.

The Maze Soba (S$14.80) is a popular dry offering in Japan featuring garlic chives, spring onions, seaweed, mentaiko, mayonaise, homemade chilli, minced meat and poached egg. There are many different spiciness levels to choose from, and they go up to level 20! Before enjoying the soba, be sure to toss the ingredients and noodles together 20 times to achieve the perfect flavour. After finishing the ramen, diners can add on the rice with specialty soup set or porridge set (S$1.50) to enjoy with the remaining toppings.

The Special Kotteri Tsukemen (S$16.80) is a signature dish. The ramen is cooked to al dente texture and then topped with pork collar chashu, pork belly chashu, menma, nori, spinach, ajitama and fishcake. The chashu is prepared using smoked technique and is slightly torched before serving, which imbues the meat with extra fragrance. The broth is a blend of chicken, pork as well as ingredients such as onion, ginger, garlic, carrot and leek.

Joshoken Student Promotion

From Mondays to Fridays, diners who present their student cards can get to enjoy a bowl of Chuka Soba (UP: S$12.80) at just S$10+! This offer is not valid with other ongoing promotions, Ramen Champion vouchers or set meals.

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