Saturday, April 22

[Media Invite] Kam's Roast Unveils 3 Marinated Dishes

Marinated Duck (1/2 $38 / Whole $65)

Marinated Duck's Wings ($8.80)

Marinated Chinese Mushroom ($5.80)

Marinated Tofu ($4.80) 

Red Bean Soup with Aged Orange Peel ($5.80)

Kam's roast recently launch 3 marinated dishes:
- Duck, Tofu & Eggs

These dishes are braised using homemade sauces that are light on the palate, and bring out the natural flavour of the ingredients. The braising process observed the perfect timing and temperature to ensure the duck meat is tender. I'm luvin' the tofu which was carefully prepared with great texture.

Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210