Saturday, October 1

[Media Invitation] Eat At Seven - Tonkatsu Agedoki: A Cut(let) Above the Rest!

Eat At Seven is proud to launch its newest concept, Tonkatsu Agedoki. The establishment is owned  by Japanese restaurant group Kings Know Inc, which is also responsible for bringing Tempura Kohaku into Singapore. 

The  brand’s offerings are first-rate because of the premium ingredients it uses. Imported from Japan, the Nagano pork boasts succulent and juicy-sweet meat. Tonkatsu Agedoki also uses high-quality raw breadcrumbs to coat the meat.  he  breadcrumbs contain a lot of moisture and do not retain too much oil. Hence, you can expect a crispy exterior that is not too cloying.

Two signature dishes include:
- Cutlet of Wrapped Prawn with Pork Set Meal 
- Thick Slice Pork Loin Cutlet Set Meal

Capping off the meal is a bowl of Nanatsu Boshi rice, shredded cabbage and hot miso soup!

From 1 October to 23 October 2016, Eat At Seven will be celebrating Ennichi. In Japan, this day is when locals celebrate their relations with their deities. Japanese will visit temples and receive special
divine favours. To commemorate this day, Eat At Seven will be organising several game stalls during these timings: 

- Every Saturday, 7pm to 10pm
- Every Sunday, 12pm to 3pm

Suntec  City  North  Wing  (Tower  One)
Singapore 038983