Friday, September 30

[Media Invite] Savour PUTIEN Yellow Croaker in FIVE different ways

PUTIEN is proud to present five new dishes with its latest “golden” ingredient - the Yellow Croaker. The Yellow Croaker is a fish from Ningde, a seaside city nestled in the coastal province of Fujian, China. The Yellow Croaker has a golden belly that shimmers in the moonlight, and flesh that is meaty and mildly sweet to the taste.

The Chefs at PUTIEN took several months in inventing different cooking methods for Yellow Croakers to bring out its best flavour, and are proud to present their final creations to their customers. The freshness of the fish that PUTIEN uses, coupled with the clever cooking techniques developed to maximise the sweetness of the fish without compromising on the texture of the flesh, are what makes the Yellow Croaker dishes unique.

'100-second' Stewed Yellow Croaker

This is a dish where revolutionary cooking technique has been proudly researched and produced in the kitchens of PUTIEN. The fish is flash-stewed at precisely 100 seconds to preserve the tenderness of the meat, which is often compromised with conventional steaming techniques that require at least 8-10 minutes. 

 Stewed Yellow Croaker Rice

This Stewed Yellow Croaker Rice, is a traditional favourite that is cooked in the traditional Hakka style with no shortcuts, to preserve the fullness of flavour. The flavourful dish is thoroughly infused with the richness of the Yellow Croaker, as the bones of the fish are first carefully brewed into a hearty fish broth.

Pan-fried Yellow Croakers

Pan-fried till golden brown and then slowly stewed with special house sauce to perfection.

Yellow Croaker Soup with Cauliflower 

Chunks of marinated yellow croaker are coated with tapioca starch to retain the natural freshness of this dish.
Deep-fried Yellow Croaker

Marinated with premium peppercorn and sea salt for 24 hours, then deep fried till tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. 
Available at all PUTIEN outlets from now till 30th November 2016.