Wednesday, September 14


The movie talks about South Korean Navy Special Forces, Captain Jang Hak-soo and his 7 members disguise themselves as a North Korean inspection unit. Their mission directives from Gen.MacArthur are: 1. infiltrate the North Korean army command center in Incheon and secure the mine chart, 2. kidnap ‘Ryu Jang-choon’, the second highest ranking North Korean officer, and 3.

Was invited as one of the bloggers to catch Operation Chromite special preview! I brought my church mentee along.

Personally, I felt that the film was well-crafted and compact as a whole. Initially, it may appear confusing with such brief introductory. Subsequently, it got better with a relatively good plot. Unlike typical war movies, this one here focused on a Korean war film about a covert operation that sets up the invasion.

It got interesting to see how both countries came out with their plan to fight this battle. It was a well-planned strategies indeed. The many intense moments kept me at the edge of my seat as well.

The fact that this film is based on true events heightens the drama of the invasion. I believe it educated me in many aspect that I least expected.

Ratings: 3.7 / 5