Saturday, September 10

[Media Invite] Media Tasting of PUTIEN'S Traditional Madam Leng Homemade Mooncakes

PUTIEN's offering of premium handmade mooncakes are the perfect traditional mooncakes for you. With its fluffy and crisp crust deep-fried to perfection and an interior generously filled with a fragrant, smooth paste of either yam or sweet potato, with or without a single egg yolk.

The mooncakes were named in honour of PUTIEN's longest serving employee, Madam Leng Ah Eng (fondly known as Lian Jie 莲姐), who was also the creator of these delectable treats. Made with premium and fresh ingredients with less sugar and absolutely no preservatives, these mooncakes are the perfect comforting snacks for all ages, each bite replete with tradition and nostalgia.

For the third year now, Madam Leng handmade mooncakes are back for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. The mooncakes will be produced in limited quantities at all PUTIEN outlets from now until 15 September 2016.

Had this rare opportunity to get my hands on the flour and try filling the mooncake skins with yam paste, over a media tasting at Putien! Spotted mine easily as I left a noticeable mark over it. Madam Leng's Handmade Mooncake has no preservatives and are low in sugar. Go grab a box today!

Yam - $48 for 4 pieces
Yam with single yolk - $54 for 4 pieces
Purple sweet potato - $52 for 4 pieces
Purple sweet potato with single yolk - $58 for 4 pieces

Both the premium taro and purple sweet potato are so.. good!

Available at all PUTIEN outlets!