Thursday, October 13

[Media Invitation] Miam Miam introduces protein rich menu for meat lovers

Miam Miam is excited to launch its brand-new protein-rich menu. There are four mainstays that are bound to delight. Load up on those proteins and build muscles! 

Du  Boeuf  Hamburg  

The Du Boeuf Hamburg is a towering offering comprising French loaf, special formulated beef, onsen egg, crispy bacon, crunchy vegetables and roasted asparagus. The homemade demi-glace pulls all the flavours together. 

Butaniku Steak
The specially marinated and pan-seared pork steak is glazed with a robust miso dressing. It is served with baby spinach and sauteed shimeji mushroom. 

Baked Miso Honey Chicken Wings
($12.90 for 4 drumlets and 4 wings; $16.90 for 6
drumlets and 6 wings)

This is lovingly marinated with miso and honey, and then freshly baked upon order. Black and white sesame are sprinkled atop the meat, enhancing it with their nutty note. 

Shibasu Fish Fillet

The white fish is served on a bed of roasted potatoes and drizzled with a light sesame dressing. Greens and shimeji mushrooms cap off the dish.

 Bits and Pieces 

It features a medley of shredded seaweed, bonito flakes and bacon bits, which imparts a subtle salty note that juxtaposes with the yoghurts sweetness. This bold broghurt is bound to appeal especially to the carnivorous males who like their desserts with meaty surprises. 

 Kuro Goma Azuki 

An earthy indulgence awaits: homemade black sesame sauce; Dango balls coated with almond crumble; and homemade azuki red bean paste.

 Matcha Kukki 

This offering comprises layers upon layers of matcha: matcha sauce made with top grade matcha  powder,  matcha  cookies and matcha-chocolate-coated biscuit sticks.  


This offering evokes the happy vibe and sweet taste of summer. The yoghurt ice cream is topped with strawberries, banana and peach slices.  

Miam Miam
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021