Wednesday, October 5

Invitation for New Unagi Shop by TEPPEI

Teppei-san will be introducing a new concept restaurant, Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, at Keong Siak this mid-October. The new location will be led by Chef Nakagawa-san, a veteran in unagi preparation and grilling, having worked in a Mikawa unagi shop for more than 20 years.

These cocktails are inspired by the love of Teppei San!

Say Yes! 
Sake - Lychee Liqueur - Rose - Soda 

Shiso Lovely
Gin - Shiso - Green Apple - Soda  

Kyoho Grapes Liqueur - Berries - Calpis - Soda

Home Run 
Gin - Yuzu - Passionfruit - Soda Water

 My personal favourite would be Shiso Lovely and Bubble-Bubbles!





 Una don (Large)

The key highlight of this new restaurant will be the charcoal grilled japanese unagi! Luvin' the fresh and high quality unagi served here! Not to forget the nicely prepared umaki as well!

1 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089109