Thursday, October 20

[Media Invitation] The Opening of the 2nd restaurant of Nigiro Cafe @ Esplanade

Nigiro Cafe is proud to announce the launch of its second outlet at Esplanade Mall. The café specialises in Japanese-Italian cuisines, which are loved by many Japanese and Singaporeans. Helming the kitchen is Chef Takashima OSAMU who is trained by Chef Kensuke SAKAI in Japan.

Nigiro is origin spelt backwards and this is fitting as it is the very first café concept by Chef Kensuke Sakai, who holds the title of having been the youngest challenger at age 26 to compete on Iron Chef. Nigiro has won many awards and accolades Hanako, a Japanese biweekly magazine, touts the restaurants Caesar salad as the best by a foreigner choice.

Nigiro Cobb Salad

This medley of bacon, hard-boiled egg, tomato, turnip, avocado, block bacon and cucumber is bound to delight. 

Nigiro Hamburger Steak 

A satisfying slab of beef is accompanied with onsen egg and rice. Two layers of cheese - Mozzarella, Emmental are melted with Gruyère white wine.

Nigiro Onsen Tamago Carbonara 

Ribbons of al dente pasta are soused in a rich and creamy sauce.
Onsen tamago completes the dish.


This comforting bowl of pasta features Hokkaido snow crab meat and uni. The pasta is drenched in a prawn-braised broth, with an Americano sauce lending a robust flavour. 

Mentaiko Potato Pizza

Thin crust pizza studded with hunks of crispy baked potato. The fragrant and piquant mentaiko is drizzled all over it.

Esplanade Mall
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