Thursday, February 18

The Mermaid 美人鱼 Movie Review

Hin’s real estate project involved reclamation of the sea, threatening the livelihood of the residents who relied on the sea to make a living. Bearing family secrets, Shan was dispatched to stop Hin. During their encounters, they fall in love with each other. Even though Hin stopped the reclamation plan out of his love for Shan, Shan got injured in an accident and vanished into the sea.

Watched The Mermaid 美人鱼 with my mentee on Tuesday evening after work! Honestly, the trailer did not appeal to me with its lame scenes. I only decided to catch it since there are quite a number of good reviews.

Personally, I feel that the film is entertaining and classic on its own. Initially, the story may appear lame without much development. However, it got better with its story build up that is commendable. The flow is nicely depicted with many humorous scenes. However, some of it appear 'trying too hard' for me.

It educated viewers on the importance of marine life and our living environment. The message bring across is meaningful and easy for one to relate. Last but not least, money is not everything!

Ratings: 3.7/5