Wednesday, February 17

Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 Drama Review

Opposites attract, but can a lasting relationship survive between two very different people? Cai Huan Zhen works in the tourism industry and is a top performer at her job. She is a meticulous planner and plans out every detail of her professional and personal life. She is a romantic and strives to find true love in every relationship. On the other hand, He Meng is a successful lawyer who specializes in helping his clients through messy divorces. He has never lost a case, but a side effect of his profession is that he doesn’t believe in a happy marriage. He wants to avoid the entanglements of marriage altogether in his personal life. Could romance survive with this unlikely couple?

Finished watching Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人. Partially, I am watching this series because of Roy Chiu and Joanne Tseng - Favourite celebrities in my list. 

Personally, I feel that this drama has a refreshing plot which educated me about relationship. The story flow well though its development could have been fine-tuned. Honestly, I learn many different aspect of it. It also trigger certain memories one may encounter during high school. The humorous and touching scenes are nicely injected. 

Kudos to Roy Chiu and Alice Ko acting capabilities! I think they did well in their craft. The emotions put forth are natural. The finale may appear predictable but I enjoyed it! A happy ending! As a whole, a rather enjoyable romance drama to catch.

Ratings: 3.15/5