Wednesday, December 25

Running Man 2 for me!? hahaa! I played it with my church mates before - Running Man! And yup, this time round with poly and new friends! Thanks SK who decided to plan this and make it happen! 

Am glad that the segment I played this time round was totally different from the previous! Thus, there was no repetitive = more fun! Maybe except for the last one which was similar. 

Each of us has a animal tag and tag to a team! The ice-breaker was fun! think i enjoyed it pretty much! Required us not only to be alert but fast in thinking and gesture! There was like so much laughter! 

Then, we went out to the beach area for hunger games! There were like 50 cards hidden in the sand so the more cards you find, the more points you got! If you found the foodie you animal eat, you have a bonus score! Due to limitations, I was wearing shoe and Huan did not take off his slippers, we found like only 3 cards! lol! But.. We were not the last team in our scoreboard...! Phew~ If not have to do forfeit!

Then, it was using chopstick to pick the tiny red beans! Not an easy task certainly! Have to be fast and at the same time remain focus!  

Then, out to the beach again with different fun activity!

Isn't the eggs looks adorable! It was indoor activity next up! But... It still requires physical effort because we have to skip with a leg and snatch the pressure ball in order to answer the quiz questions. After answering it, if you got it right; you have the chance to break the egg! 1 point for a raw egg and 3 for a hard boiled egg! 

Most questions were not easy but with hints given by the game master, we managed to answer them. 

Our scoreboard for the 6 teams!

Last segment of the day was: Pulling out each team name tag! Our team bumped into the other 5 teams. At that moment, I knew something was amiss. Thus, I am pretty careful of my tag. Funny thing was that Huan, which was in my team lost his tag. I think that was the reason why they did not want to attack us. However, in my mind, I thought that they were thinking to believe or not to believe. But... It was true!!

Then, being a good team member, I helped him look for his tag instead of focusing to think how to pull other team's tag. 

Due to small misunderstanding, we did not manage to complete this segment and we start discussing on why this incident happened. I guessed through this I get to learn different aspect that can be related to daily life. 

I think my team was there just to have fun! For us, it is not about winning but about the process in each segment! Thus, we did not go all the way but to let nature take it's course and do our best. 

A well-spent day with this group! It was memorable and fun! Maybe a catch-up soon? hahah! Thank God for the blessed time I have with these people! (: