Saturday, December 28

Been watching 全能星战 Celebrity Battle...! I think this battle is interesting because you get to see these singers putting effort to challenge different genre of music each week. They are already a professional singer. This platform allow them to grow and improve their already good singing capability. 

Personally, I feel that this singing battle somewhat push the singer to their limit to perform. It is not easy but I thought that all singers did their best. Ultimately,  I think it is rather subjective to say who's good or bad because everyone will grade accordingly on different factors. Since they are already a professional singer, I felt that giving a 0 is a no-no. If you think the performance is not up to your standard, you should least give some marks and not leave it blank.

Am rooting for Kenji wu 吴克群 because I like his attitude and passion for music. Enjoyed listening to his music composition and singing. Base on the singing for this battle, to be honest, it was good but still many room for improvements for some songs. I thought 胡彦斌 Anson Hu had better control and emotions in most of his performance.

Some performances which was memorable for me...! 

Congrats 胡彦斌 Anson Hu for winning the title! But... that does not mean the others are not good. Ultimately, only 1 singer for the title. They are already a professional singer so all of them are already a winner!