Saturday, December 7

Ikkousha serve "Real" Tonkotsu ramen. A special topping, pork chashu is soaked in secret-repipe sauce.The chef perfectly understands how to use roast pork, chashu, as well as other topping,ni-tamago,soy sauce flavored boiled egg, to add spice to ramen.

Started in Hakata which is the ramen capital of Japan, is best known for it's tonkotsu-based ramen, made from pork bones and simmered for many hours. 

The Hakata Ikkousha was also at Ramen Champion in Singapore; humbly they got 2 titles of being a Champion (2011 & 2012).

IKKOUSHA makes the most wholesome tonkotsu ramen, a favorite for traditional ramen lovers and those who avoid overly rich food. You'll enjoy its refreshing taste. Try it and revel in Ikkousha's greatness". 

A Article I found online - 100,000 bowls of ramen sold in a year.

Was invited to Ikkousha Hakata Ramen for a food tasting session yesterday evening! The restaurant has good ambiance with warm lighting. It is a nice place to chill with your colleagues during lunch time since this restaurant is located near CBD area!

This bowl here is Tonkotsu Ramen! I like the taste of the broth which was thick and rich! It tasted just right and not too overwhelming for me. The cha shu tasted slightly salty to me but it was nicely marinated. One of the better ramen I have eaten because I adore the broth which tasted good and goes pretty well with the noodles and Cha Shu.

This bowl here is Shio Tonkotsu! The broth here was light, salty and more flavorful. The first few mouth when I tried it, I thought it was pretty good. However, after few tries, I thought it is slightly salty to my taste bud. The bamboo shoots goes well with the broth. If you adore a more flavorful yet light broth, I think you will enjoy this dish.

This bowl here is Red Tonkotsu! The broth was slightly thick and spicy. I do not take spicy food often so for me, I thought this dish was quite spicy to me. However, it was pretty appetizing which stimulated one's appetite.

This bowl here is Black Tonkotsu! The taste of the broth was thick and rich. I think it has a unique taste which was memorable. Though the broth was rich, it is not too.. overwhelming for my taste bud. If you did like to try something different, you can consider to try this!

This bowl here is God Fire! The taste of the broth was light and spicy. I think the spices used for the broth was unique. For this dish, you could select up x4 of spiciness. I tried this dish here at a spicy level of 1 and it was spicy. I think that is because I am not a spicy person. Try it if you would like to challenge yourself with x4 of spiciness!

This bowl here is Miso Tonkotsu! The taste of the broth was light, slightly sweet and spicy. It tasted like curry flavored ramen. The nicely sliced pork belly was chewy and well marinated and goes well with the ramen.

Each ramen has its own individual taste! Go try it yourself to know which is your favourite!

Chef Kosuke Yoshimura!

ME, Chef Kosuke Yoshimura & Gary!

Today is Hakata Ikkousha Ramen at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Grand Opening day! Go visit them if you are around that area! 

Grateful for this opportunity to attend this food tasting session. Thank you Mariko for the host and invitation! Also, for accommodating my schedule. Appreciated. (;

Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-104B
Singapore 081007