Friday, December 20

Last Saturday morning, I was involved in "we are bloggers" campaign with 10 bloggers at Sun Ray Cafe. A cause #SupportSGBloggers has been created to let Singaporeans show their support and appreciation for the hard work of Bloggers in Singapore.

The image of bloggers has suffered due to recent controversies on bloggers demanding freebies from merchants such as restaurants or salons, etc. The job as a blogger has always been a difficult and thankless one. To bring the softer, up-to-date and important news to the general public, it demands time, effort, passion and determination to curate & perfect the content.

The campaign hopes to encourage Singaporeans to say 'YES' to the work of bloggers and to recognize the value of blogs and microsites in helping them make their day-to-day important decisions.

Before I share the completed publicity video, below are some behind-the-scenes shot!

Alright! Here you go...! "We are bloggers" publicity video!

These are the following bloggers who are featured in the video:

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Follow the steps below to support this cause today! 

1) Share the Publicity Video on Facebook and Social networks

2) HashTag #SupportSGBloggers on Twitter and Instagram

3) Sign the cause at

Was a good experience! Am blessed and grateful for this opportunity to be part of this "we are bloggers" awareness! Great to see familiar faces (bloggers) and make new friends during the production! Thanks Dennis for the invitation! Appreciated! (: