Saturday, June 8

Watched Jurassic Park with Zhen wei in IMAX 3D last Thursday. Did not come across my mind th catch this show since I have seen it when I was young. Since Zhen wei jio me, I then decided to catch this once again in 3D because I remembered this was a pretty good film.

As compared watching this film previously, I feel that I could understand the entire show better now, partly because I was pretty young then. Obviously, with IMAX 3D it enhanced the thrill factor in most scenes! Oh ya! Am pretty impressed by Ariana Clarice Richards acting here! Her facial expression in each scene really wowed me.

It refreshed my memory and at the same time get me ready for Jurassic Park 4!

This film relive my childhood all over again! Go catch it to have a brand new experience with IMAX 3D!!

Ratings: 3.85/5