Sunday, June 9

        01 叩叩
02 Stuck On U 偷心贼
03 能不能
04 爱的副作用
05 Party Queen
06 想念你的夜
07 盛开
08 一加一
09 双人舞
10 Match Made In Heaven
11 I Just Wanna Marry You

Previewed 李玟 Coco Lee latest album - 盛开. I think she did reasonably good for this album. She caught my attention when she started singing english song. I think she did very well for it! She has her own personality which stands out among the crowd. I particularly like her sentimental song and this time she did it well again!

The recommended track from me will be: Stuck On U 偷心贼, 爱的副作用, 想念你的夜 and 能不能! If you miss her distinctive voice than go grab her album! 

Signing off with her hit song~