Tuesday, June 25


        01. 不死鳥
02. 要了我的命
03. 緊握幸福
04. 學習愛情
05. 戀愛關鍵 (合唱Sun Lady)
06. 看不見
07. 多久
08. 有你在身邊
09. 不死鳥 (kala版)
10. 要了我的命 (kala版)

Previewed 孫協志 Tony Sun latest album - Phoenix 不死鳥. I think Tony Sun did well for this album. He was previously a leader in a Taiwanese pop band - 5566. During those days, I enjoyed most of the song from this group! After few years, am glad that He came out his own album! He was one of the member which I thought was rather talented. 

The recommended track from me will be: 學習愛情, 要了我的命, 多久 and 有你在身邊! If you miss listening to his music than go grab his album!

Signing off with his hit song~