Friday, June 7

Power 98FM for all the things you love! Power 98FM is Singapore's top lifestyle radio station playing more of the songs you love from the 1990s to today's hits, offering the best in travel, food, movies, sports and more!

I was invited to The Power EXperience @ Power 98FM! When I received this invitation via email, I thought that it was a great experience and exposure being able to:

- Visit the radio station
- Find out about the preparation for a radio show
- Unveil the new evening drive time show and DJ
- Record a segment with DJ 
- Learn more about the DJ and Power 98FM!

Thus, decided to take half day leave from work to attend this event!

Well~ So this is how a radio studio look like. Cool ya? with computers, equipment and microphones all around. Been to a recording studio before though. 

Wow! I get to learn more more about being a DJ and also being able to record a segment with DJ Mister Young! That's really cool! I guessed I was pretty nervous during the segment with Mister Young. but nevertheless it was a fun and great experience! 

Alright! Now I'm gonna reveal the brand new evening time show with two ex-es! 

And they are. . . . . . . 

Jacqui & Mister Young!!

Once romantically involved, they will now be hosting a juicy, no-holds-barred show to rock the airwaves! During games session earlier on, These 2 ex-es certainly make us LOL with their quirky response!! I think it will be fun and interesting to listen them hosting together in The Ex-Factor!!

The Ex-Factor is the first radio show of it’s kind in Singapore. Every dirty secret, bad habit, and button to push? They know it, and aren’t afraid to use it. You’ll get to hear Mister Young and Jacqui take it out on each other, especially in the quirky and fun games they have lined up for the show. 

Want to find out how Jacqui & Mister Young host The Ex-Factor together? Then, remember to tune in this coming Monday 10th June, Weekdays from 5pm to 8pm only on Power 98FM!!

Snap-shot of 2 talented DJs
Mister Young & Jacqui!

Aiyo~ What are both of them trying do to do huh? =x

Group photo with the lovely people there

The Ex-Factor premieres on 10th June, Weekdays, 5pm to 8pm only on Power 98FM!

It was a great exposure and learning experience for me! Grateful for the opportunity to be invited to The Power EXperience @ Power 98FM! Thanks Power 98FM for the goodie bag too! (;