Thursday, June 13

Met up with my dearest 4-ourz on Tuesday evening! Decided to have Jollibee for dinner! Did not know that the queue system is different from other fast food restaurants. Instead of choping a seats, we have to queue and order first. I guessed because this is the only outlet thus the huge number of crowd! 

We are rather amazed with the packaging. The rice was wrapped like a burger and the sauce was contained in a similar concept: whipped potato in other fast food restaurant. The large fries look like a regular size, maybe they could have a bigger package for that. 

Requested for thigh meat and a drum-stick but did not manage to have it due to the crowd I guessed. From I saw it when ordering, the meal I ordered was already prepared and comes with drum-stick and breast meat.

The fried chicken tasted reasonably good though it was not marinated evenly. The breast meat I got was good! It was well-marinated and the meat looks fresh with tender meat. However, the drum-stick was not well-marinated though it still tasted okay. The sauce blends well with the chicken and rice, not too flavorful for me.

Due to the huge number of crowds, I think it is better to dine there during non-peak hours!

Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3.3/5
Price: 3.45/5
Food: 3.5/5

6th Floor 
Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road