Wednesday, February 13

Wow! Its already 年初四! Am gonna share with you how I spent this lunar new year!

On new year's eve, had simple dinner at home! Simply love mum's cooking! Nice! Blissful time with family!

On 年初一, went to my uncle's place to 拜年. Usually, we will make our way there for visitation. Though it is a yearly affair, I think it is good to update one another lives. Am glad to see everybody doing well! Guess instead only on CNY, should have taken more initiative in order to maximize our relationship even better. However, in Singapore, this busy small country, I think is rather difficult. Do you agree?

年初二, relatives came to 拜年. My nephews and niece are just so adorable. They are just too active to sit still but instead kept running around the whole house, playing my brother stability ball. Do you know how big the ball and how small the kids are? 

Thus, decided to bring them down the void deck to play instead. Besides the ball, brother also brought his floorball stick down. Since He is a floorball coach, He educated the kids on the proper way to hold and play with it. Nice! Indeed, fast learner! And yup, had fun!

Actually wanted to visit grandma but due to time constrain for our movie, decided to visit her some other day. And yup, movie was Ah boys to men 2! Jack Neo's production! The review for this show will be in the next entry!

年初三, went Dorling's place just to relax and chill with dear church mates. Some are playing card games while the others are watching movie. And yup, watched 鬼也笑 The Ghosts Must Be Crazy yet another Jack Neo production. This show is not exactly creepy and funny but it is a good film for CNY I thought. It still brought some laughter to many. 

After which, met Trois for dinner! Impromptu outing but still a great one. Had seoul garden and it cost us a bomb! Decided to have it since its the CNY! Eat till bloated and had great chatting session! Have known this bunch for years! Hope the friendship will keep counting on and on~

During young, always looking forward to the CNY because of the red packets I guess? As you grow older, CNY seems to be just another day where you get together with loved ones. Nevertheless, Thank God for the wonderful occasion where we get to gather and learn more of each other. ((: