Saturday, February 16

Watched Parker with my dear G.K.N.I! It is not a yearly affair after-all. Alright, shall review on this film. 

If you love action-packed and violence, I guess this is a show you MUST watch. It focused more on that area I felt. However, the plot was rather fast-paced which I liked. Though certain scenes were draggy, I thought it kept the viewers engaged, in wanting to know what happened next. 

Initially, the story was quite messy with the before and after scenes but the puzzle was made known while watching it. Nice that it injected certain humor which lighten the heart of the viewers over certain gore scenes. I like this character who was fast in thinking and strong headed.

Quite similar to Jack Reacher which focused on a certain character, but that one involved investigation and more thinking with a better flow. As usual, no subtitles again! Should have english subtitles so that I could relate better!

One good direct and fast-paced film! 

Ratings: 3.4/5