Sunday, February 17

Finally watched 一泡而红! The story flows quite well though it was quite draggy. It was a first production from Michelle Chong which I thought it was commendable. This show could relate more for viewers who wanted to pursue their dreams to be a star when they were young. 

Initially, when I watched the trailer, this seems to be a comedy film. However, it appeared to me more towards a light hearted show for youngster out there to strive and pursue their dreams. Though there were humor elements in it, I think more should be injected. 

And I like this quote that was mentioned in it: When there's a will, there's a way. Things might not appear that smoothly but if you work hard and do not give up, you can succeed one day. 

It reminded me the times where I had the chance to be an extra. During those time, I remembered I have to find things to keep me occupy because I have to wait a very long time till to be called out to act. Though the earnings were small but at least I get to experience doing it where many other did not get a chance. View some of my acting experience entry here:  

Ratings: 3/5