Wednesday, February 13

I think this film is good though not the best out of the 20 shows he did, but still commendable. Maybe I had high expectation thus slight disappointment. As usual, this show touches many Singaporeans heart. The scenes captured many emotions that we could easily relate.

Ah boys to men 1 seems to has more humor as compared to the second one. However, in terms of story as a army soldier, the second one did well. Think it certainly bring back many memories for the army boys and they are the ones who could relate even more.

Though I am from police, I might not fully know what an army soldier went through, especially the time in the muddy jungle. However, I have to say that we still did serve our nation, we still did went through training. Though a different one but the treatment is not exactly that good too.

Nevertheless, this film wanted to tell ah boys out there to strive and be a good soldier during BMT. And yup, I guess it bring across and make some sense to the ah boys there, isn't it? Ultimately, I think it still depends on individual and own perspective. And remember, One for all & All for one! Leave no man behind!

Ratings: 3.35/5