Saturday, June 23

Finally get to catch this movie! Before this, there is actually a drama for it. This is a police investigation mystery show which is the kind of genre I like! When I heard that there will be a movie for this, I was so looking forward to it. However, it is not screen here in Singapore? Think the movie is already out early this year. Thus, I decided to find and watch it online.

The entire film is about 2hr 20 mins which I find it rather long. The story plot is as exciting and mysterious, which is similar to the drama. While watching, it makes you suspect who the baddie is but only towards the end, the answer is revealed. There are certain humour and action pack scenes which brings up the show. Nice unexpected twist!

Kudos to Mark Chao and Huang Bo acting in the show! Think they did a good job! Not to forget pretty AngelaBaby! Oh ya. Huang Bo reminds me of Vic Zhou acting in the drama. Both equally wacky and funny! Overall, its one good film not to be missed.

Ratings: 4/5