Monday, April 23


i.Rock is yet another interactive web-drama on xinmsn! I think this concept is cool and attracts viewers to watch it! I think the target audience will be the teenagers and young adults. Lets play love is one of the web-drama last year too! I think xinmsn should continue to have more of this genre of film.

iRock (xinmsn) 

iRock (xinmsn)

I think the story plot is good. It encourages people out there to pursue their dream and goal! Just be courages and take a step forth and you might be the one who shine bright on stage. 

Kudos to Keely wee and Derrick hoh acting. I think they did a rather good job. Yi Xi acting here is normal but I think he did pretty okay despite that he is new to the screen. However, I think he could be put forth more emotions and be more expressive. And yup, Keely is pretty! (:

Nevertheless, the flashed back love scenes on jia le & Melody was rather sweet and touching! As a whole, its a good drama to catch! 

More information here: i.Rock