Friday, September 1

[Media Invite] Lotus Kitchen Launch - a New Vegetarian Dining Concept

A vegetarian concept, Lotus Kitchen is a spinoff of the famous Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. Its  menu comprises signature dishes of its predecessor, as well as new creations by owner Ms Lee. The dishes are made with natural premium ingredients such as lion’s mane mushrooms, agaricus blazei mushroom, tian ma, cordyceps flower, burdock and sugarcane sprout from Taiwan. Promising  exciting flavours and interesting textures, here is where gourmands can learn new definitions of vegetarian dishes!

Signature Double-boiled Herbal Tian Ma Soup 

A nourishing offering, steamed and brewed with over 10 herbs and premium-quality pearl mushrooms.
The tian ma herb also has liver-calming and neuroprotective benefits. 

Signature Crispy Summer Wrap with Passionfruit

Signature  Stir  Fried  Laksa 

 This is a gratifying meal, starring in-house laksa gravy and fresh spices that lend a piquant flavour.

Braised Mushroom in Hot Pot

Signature Homemade Satay

This dish showcases soya slices marinated with more than 10 fragrant spices. 
Dip each skewer into the homemade satay sauce for the extra oomph!

 Lotus Yam Paste with Purple Rice 

The yam paste is cooked with  the purple rice together with red beans, red dates, dried raisins and wolfberries. 
The yam paste is piped onto the plate, and then topped with the purple rice mixture. Gingko nuts add the finishing touch.

Lotus Kitchen
Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413