Sunday, September 10

[Japanese Movie Review] Tokyo Ghoul

In Tokyo, man-eating monsters called “ghouls” run rampant. The city is shaken with fear, as these mysterious creatures disguise themselves among people. Ordinary university student Kaneki(Masataka Kubota) meets a girl Rize (Yu Aoi) one day at a café he frequents, unaware that the encounter will drastically alter the course of his destiny. What does the future hold for Kaneki?

Watched Tokyo Ghoul at GV Plaza in the afternoon. Though I never read the manga or watch the anime, I decided to catch it because I enjoyed watching this genre of movie. Masataka Kubota grasped it again! His acting never fail to amaze me.

Personally, I thought that this film was compact and had a focused story-line. Honestly, with such a commendable introductory, I was anticipating a good flow on its plot. However, it turned out rather draggy. Thankfully, it got better with its progression in the subsequent scenes. It had an unexpected twist which definitely heightened the show.

There were also good intense and gripping moments, which kept me at the edge of my seat as well. The finale ended quite abruptly, which was a pity. Hence, I guess there will be a sequel for you to look forward!

Ratings: 3 / 5