Wednesday, September 27

[Media Invite] An Epicurean Journey with Antoinette: New Dishes Celebrating Singapore's Culinary Heritage

A quintessential Parisian pâtisserie, restaurant, and salon du thé that pays homage to Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France revered for her exquisite taste and lavishly indulgent love of excess, Antoinette is a venue for all things excitingly sweet and savoury. Decorated with elements inspired by the French neoclassical period, and with ornate finishings covered in carvings of garlands and ribbons, Antoinette is perfect for sophistication and luxury for dining.

Tuna mousse ($18)

The Tuna Mousseis an Asian take on Italian bruschetta, with marinated tomatoes, levain, egg and chips as the marquee ingredients. For this dish, Chef Pang has swapped balsamic vinegar for Chinese vinegar, and Italian basil for Thai basil.

Hakka Gnocchi ($24)

Aesthetically pleasing thanks to a colourful scheme of beetroot, sweet potato, purple sweet potato
and yam, the Hakka Gnocchi features a medley of dried shrimp, foie gras, cured pork and morel.

Spaghetti ($24)

The homemade Spaghetti comes with the cuttlefish pork belly ragout and finished with drizzles of aromatic oil and sprinkle of ebi sakura lending a delightful well-rounded finish. 

Chicken Rice ($26)

The chicken breast in Chicken Rice is prepared sous-vide style, and paired impeccably with a scallion and ginger dressing, chilli gel and dark soya sauce foam. The rice is replaced with barley grains cooked with chicken stock and aromatics.

Kale Caesar ($22)

The Kale Caesar sees the anchovies in the dressing replaced by salted fish. Served with a roasted five-spice chicken roulade with a generous sprinkle of fried garlic, butternut squash and garlic croutons.

Chilli Crab Arancini ($16)

A convergence of Singapore and Italian influences, the Chilli Crab Arancini features homemade chilli sauce filled in a risotto ball cooked with lobster bisque and crab meat. This is served with fried Chinese bun and a sea asparagus salad.

Pandan ($14)

Pandan is a celebration of Asian ingredients. A 2-part dessert where a pandan kaya butter toast is served alongside a plated dessert of Pandan ice cream, coral sponge, caviar, coconut crumble, lime foam and salted gula Melaka.

Misty Forest ($18)

Presented in a beautiful bell jar, the Misty Forest is a marriage of grand cru dark chocolate cremeux, yuzu curd, praline cream, cashew nut nougatine, chocolate crumble, chocolate coral sponge, matcha moss and billowing smoke that adds mystique.

Penhas Road
30 Penhas Road
(off Lavender Street)
Singapore 208188