Sunday, August 27

[Media Invitation] Japanese Concept BURG Kitchen Doles Out Juicy Handmade Hamburgs!

BURG Kitchen is a concept by Chef Kataoka, who has over 30 years of culinary experience. The restaurant specialises in making juicy hamburgs, with the secret ingredient being Australian beef. Choose either the Original or Cheese version, and pair it with one of seven sauces for the ultimate indulgence. BURG Kitchen also offers comforting mainstays to accompany its hamburgs.

Cheese burg ($19.80++)

This dish is topped with Colby and cheddar cheese torched for a smoky tinge and gooey consistency.

Crispy Chicken Wings with Spice Blend ($14.50++)

This is marinated with pepper, nori and sesame seeds that make you savour every last drip of goodness.

Golden Curry with Homemade Creamy Croquet & meatballs ($15.50++)

The curry has a creamy texture, and an onsen egg that tops it off.

Penne Meat Sauce Gratin ($14.50++)

Minced beef soused in meat sauce with the melted stringy cheese which promise patrons an explosion of flavours.

Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard