Sunday, August 20

[Singapore Movie Review] Wonder Boy

Set in the early 1970s Singapore, when rock music was banned and long-haired men were considered gangsters, WONDER BOY follows the story of 16-year-old Richard (Benjamin Kheng), an aspiring musician and the school’s social outcast, as he joins a singing group – The Wonder Boys – and embarks on his coming-of-age journey through youthful ambition, friendships and first love, all the while trying to have his music heard.

Personally, I felt that this film was simple with a focused story-line. It urged aspiring individuals to be courageous and strive in pursuing their dreams.

This show would trigger those good nostalgic memories in high school, where it journey viewers through youthful ambition, friendships and first love. It also showed me the importance of kinship; to be appreciative. Especially, to the one who contributed more in the family.

People who are currently pursuing their passion would definitely relate it better. Through this film, it encouraged viewers to persevere on but not give up even if circumstances may not seems that positive. If you are willing to work hard, you will certainly succeed one day.

Just follow your heart.

Ratings: 4 / 5