Saturday, June 18

[Media Invitation] Miam Miam Honours the Workforce Heroes in Singapore

Singapore is what she is today thank to the people. Together, the collective efforts of all  Singaporeans, especially the workforces in the private, public  and  government sector have helped  to create the Singapore brand, which is synonymous with efficiency and tenacity. 

French-Japanese casual café kitchen Miam Miam has specially whipped up new offerings to help you fete these workforce heroes and thank them for their hard work.

Superfood Salad 

This nourishing offering is pulled together by a dollop of French sherry vinaigrette, which enlivens with its deeply sweet and complex note.

Chicken Miso Salad 

Hunks of succulent roasted chicken are perched on a bed of crisp salad, and French buttered crotons and sesame seeds serve as garnishing. An enticing miso dressing that hits the right spots of sweet, salty, fruity and earthy is drizzled over the salad for that extra oomph. 

Shogayaki Pork 

The pork loin meat is marinated with Shoyu sauce and fresh ginger for 24 hours. Then, the pork is sliced to consistent thickness before it is pan-fried for exactly one minute. Such short cooking time ensures the meat retains its juiciness.

Salted Egg Soufflé 

The luscious combination of salted egg lava and vanilla is housed in a fluffy and ethereal exterior!

Invite the workforce hero in your company to Miam Miam. Request for a thank you card when you order a workforce hero meal and write a heartfelt message.  Then, take a photo with the card, post  it  on  Miam  Miam  Facebook  page  and  tag  the  recipient.  You  will  get  to  enjoy  a  free  Salted  Egg Soufflé!

Your nominated colleague  can  choose  between  the  Workforce  Hero  Meal  Set  A  and  Set B. Set  A comprises any main (Miam Donburi or pasta), starter salad and a cup of freshly brewed tea (iced or hot) at  only  S$17.90++.  Set B comprises any main course salad, soup of the  day and fruit tea at only S$17.90++.  For  both  sets,  top up just $3.80 to enjoy the Salted Egg  Soufflé. It will be available on weekdays only from 11.30am to 4.30pm and it will be ongoing from 15 June to 13 July 2016.

French Toast

Matcha Soufflé

Black Sesame Soufflé

Miam Miam has also launched a new Relaxing Afternoon Break initiative,  which is one of the best afternoon deals in town with prices starting from just S$4.90++. Need to step out of the office and recharge your batteries after a long morning? Get your fix of tantalising desserts right here. Enjoy Miam Miam classics such as Just Toast; Original Soufflé Pancake; Petit French Toast; and Signature  Soufflé. Each order comes with a complimentary drink of your choice. This promotion is not available on weekends at Waterway Point and Bugis Junction outlets.  

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