Sunday, June 19

[Blog collaboration] Product Review: Ted-A-Car Air Fresheners

Ted-A-Car Air Freshener is an up-and-coming air freshener product from Thailand. The air fresheners come in the shape of a teddy bear with a twist. A break-through from traditional air fresheners that are bulky or common in designs.


These adorable freshener can be used in a car, restroom, closet, bedroom, bags and many more indoor places. It can last up to 30 days (sometimes more) depending on the environment it is exposed to. Just like a normal air freshener, it works on the principal of evaporation. The environment’s humidity and area of coverage plays a part in determining the air freshener’s lifetime. 

You may begin by slitting an opening in the plastic cover. Pull out the string and hang it freely to avoid staining of surrounding areas. Kindly avoid leaning on plastic, furniture or painted surfaces. Another way will be to slit a small opening big enough for the string to be pulled out, so that the scent will disseminate into the environment, keeping the plastic cover on as a separator.  

It is durable that it feels like wood, but it is made up of many layers of paper baked dry together. Please avoid washing it or letting it come into contact with water. Some flavors smell so yummy but Ted-A-Car is not edible! Keep out of children and pet’s reach to avoid them mistaking it for food.

It introduces more than 20 unique scents with each scent having its own teddy design. Unfortunately, some are manufactured in certain seasons and most of them are sold out. 

Some examples of flavors are:
Coconut | Pineapple | Popcorn | Hazelnut Macaron | Bubble Gum | Groom | Bride | Aroma Spa | Ocean | Strawberry | Blossom | Vanilla | Cola | Cantaloupe | New Car | Apple Candy | Caramel | Umeshu | Moroccan Candle | Lemon Ice Tea | 

 Snow Fresh Flavour

Mango Flavour

 Lavender Flavour
Cookie Vanilla Flavour

Each design and flavour are carefully designed and chosen to match your identity! I adore the different unique scents they offer with nice packaging. There are more than 20 unique scents for you to choose from. Hence, there will certainly be that few scents you like! 

A good gift ideas for corporate events, friends and loved ones!

Oh ya, with the many different teddy bear design, you may want to buy and collect them all! After the scent had finished, you can use it as a decor for your house, bag or anything you can think off. Bring these Ted-A-Car Air Freshener home today!

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