Monday, May 30

The Truth Seekers 《真 探》 Drama Review

Veteran police officer, Bai Qing Xiong (Chen Han Wei), forms an agency called CCI which aims to crack unsolved cases. Through this agency, he hopes to give a proper closure to family members of the victims. He is a righteous man who is confident that all criminal will not escape the law. The CCI uses unorthodox methods to search for clues which eventually led them to the truth. 

Just finished watching The Truth Seekers 《真 探》. Personally, I feel that the story was good and kept me in suspense! In this drama, the detectives were observant and had a good analyzing skills in cracking those unsolved cases.

The different crime cases were nicely presented with an unexpected ending, even though some of it may appear somewhat coincidence and predictable. It got rather interesting when the investigators themselves, were linked to the cases as well. The drama had an unexpected twist towards the finale. The hidden truth was revealed when the evidence just fall into the pieces.

Hope to see more similar genre of drama being aired in channel 8! I am sure to watch it! 

Ratings: 3.85 / 5